New Books

The encyclopedia of racism in American films
Leininger's transcultural nursing : concepts, theories, research, & practice
McFarland, Marilyn R., author.
His last wife
Octavia, Grace, author.
Men, women, and the mystery of love : practical insights from John Paul II's love and responsibility
Sri, Edward P., author.
The complete cooking for two cookbook : 650 recipes for everything you'll ever want to make
From the outside : my journey through life and the game I love
Allen, Ray, 1975- author.
The favorite sister : a novel
Knoll, Jessica, author.
That kind of mother
Alam, Rumaan, author.
Our little secret
Nay, Roz, author.
In full flight : a story of Africa and atonement
Heminway, John Hylan, 1944- author.
American histories : stories
Wideman, John Edgar, author.
As bright as heaven
Meissner, Susan, 1961- author.
Well, that escalated quickly : memoirs and mistakes of an accidental activist
Ramsey, Franchesca, 1983- author.
The only story
Barnes, Julian, author.
The outsider : a novel
King, Stephen, 1947- author.
The Kremlin's candidate : a novel
Matthews, Jason, 1951- author.
The hush
Hart, John, 1965- author.
Turnip greens & tortillas : a Mexican chef spices up the Southern kitchen
Hernandez, Eddie (Chef), author.
Southern from scratch : pantry essentials and down-home recipes
English, Ashley, 1976- author.
Mapas biblicos antes y ahora = Then and now Bible maps.
My first Spanish Bible board book = Mi primer libro de la Biblia
Elvis : the story of the rock and roll King
Christensen, Bonnie.
The cutting edge : a Lincoln Rhyme novel
Deaver, Jeffery, author.
A divided spy
Cumming, Charles, 1971- author.
The third victim
Margolin, Phillip, author.
One house over
Monroe, Mary, author.
The sixth day
Coulter, Catherine, author.
The family gathering
Carr, Robyn, author.
The cast : a novel
Steel, Danielle, author.
A Nantucket wedding : a novel
Thayer, Nancy, 1943- author.
An apple tree's life cycle
Dunn, Mary R., author.
Staying safe online
Miller, Shannon (Shannon McClintock), author.
Veterans Day
Morey, Allan, author.
Thanksgiving Day
Morey, Allan, author.
Find a book!
Miller, Shannon (Shannon McClintock), author.
Fiction or nonfiction?
Miller, Shannon (Shannon McClintock), author.
Morey, Allan, author.
Manners in the library
Miller, Shannon (Shannon McClintock), author.
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles : heart of a ninja.
Welcome to the Monster Dome!
Berrios, Frank, author.
Meet the heroes ... and the villains, too!
Testa, Maggie, adapter.
Five little monkeys trick-or-treat
Christelow, Eileen.
Elmo's book of friends
Kleinberg, Naomi, author.
Splish, splash, Splat!
Scotton, Rob, author, illustrator.
Clement, Nathan, 1966- author, illustrator.
Splat the cat
Scotton, Rob, author, illustrator.
I love my mommy
Braun, Sebastien, author, illustrator.
Gitlin, Marty, author.
Cinco de Mayo
Koestler-Grack, Rachel A., 1973- author.
Independence Day
Koestler-Grack, Rachel A., 1973- author.
Groundhog Day
Koestler-Grack, Rachel A., 1973- author.
Koestler-Grack, Rachel A., 1973- author.
Saint Patrick's Day
Koestler-Grack, Rachel A., 1973- author.
Tinker Bell and the legend of the NeverBeast
Orsi, Tea author.
The quest for the crystal
Howard, Kate, author.
Tinker Bell and her magical friends
Orsi, Tea, author.
Veterans Day
Koestler-Grack, Rachel A., 1973- author.
Curious Pearl investigates light
Braun, Eric, 1971- author.
Curious Pearl explains states of matter
Braun, Eric, 1971- author.
Curious Pearl observes migration
Braun, Eric, 1971- author.
The Good dinosaur : the essential guide
Bynghall, Steve, author.
It's better when you sing it : a musical exploration storybook.
The cowboy
Müller, Hildegard, 1957- author, illustrator.
Moana the beat of your heart : a musical exploration activity book.
Coco : the essential guide
Dakin, Glenn, author.
Cat got a lot
Henry, Steve, 1948- author, illustrator.
Bad dog
McPhail, David, 1940-
Fathers are part of a family
Raatma, Lucia, author.
Mothers are part of a family
Raatma, Lucia, author.
Sparky's lucky day
LaRose, Melinda, author.
Markovics, Joyce L., author.
Bob the Builder. The concrete shake-up
Forte, Lauren, author.
The royal derby
Davis, Kathy Ellen, author.
Mighty Merc
Higginson, Sheila Sweeny, 1966- author.
Welcome to Junior Conductor's Academy!
Dingee, A. E., author.
Sidekick showdown!
King, Trey, author.
Wendy saves the day!
Milton, Elizabeth, author.
Disney Princess wishes & dreams
Star Wars : Rebels
Look and find. Miles from Tomorrowland
Dora and friends look and find
Creepy cowboy caper
Steele, Michael Anthony, author.
Monster mutt madness
Steele, Michael Anthony, author.
Hansel and Gretel : an interactive fairy tale adventure
Doeden, Matt, author.
Snow White and the seven dwarfs : an interactive fairy tale adventure
Gunderson, Jessica, author.
Dory Fantasmagory
Hanlon, Abby, author.
West, Tracey, 1965- author.
The new ninja
Rusu, Meredith, author.
Cosmic clash
Bright, J. E., author.
Justice League vs Bizarro League
Bright, J. E., author.
Lola Levine is not mean!
Brown, Monica, 1969- author.
More monsters, more problems
West, Tracey, 1965- author.
Double trouble
Howard, Kate, author.
Legend of the Brown Ninja
Rusu, Meredith, author.
Fright knight!
Howard, Kate, author.
Sadness saves the day!
West, Tracey, 1965- author.
Attack of the Legion of Doom!
Krieg, Jim, author.
On the trail
Thorpe, Kiki, author.
Nancy Clancy, star of stage and screen
O'Connor, Jane, author.
Jenner, Caryn, author.
The best bat
Howard, Ryan, 1979- author.
Hero challenge!
Weingartner, Amy, author.
Graduation day
West, Tracey, 1965- author.
Secret of the silver key
O'Connor, Jane, author.
What was Woodstock?
Holub, Joan, author.
The hide-and-seek ghost
Butler, Dori Hillestad, author.
Treasure hunt!
Weingartner, Amy, author.
How many? : a counting book
Panec, D. J.
Let's have a parade
Silverman, Erica.
Taylor Swift
Ryals, Lexi, author.
The Berenstain Bears' big machines
Berenstain, Mike, 1951- author, illustrator.
In my life
Meister, Cari, author.
Wild animal babies!
Kratt, Martin, author.
Pete the cat and the cool caterpillar
Dean, James, 1957- author, illustrator.
Ruby writes a story.
Space quest : mission to Mars
Lock, Peter, author.
Zeg and the egg
Tillworth, Mary, author.
The huggleball game
Scollon, Bill.
Return of the Djinn
Howard, Kate, adapter.
Vroom, zoom, Bud
Lakin, Patricia, 1944- author.
Wild insects and spiders!
Kratt, Martin, author.
A valentine for Percy
Ruby's tea party.
Carl and the sick puppy
Day, Alexandra.
Lost and found
Hale, Bruce, author.
Ride the Potato Train
Selig, Josh, author.
Toy box heroes
Webster, Christy, author.
I am Ant-Man
Palacios, Tomas, author.
Space quest : jump to Jupiter
Lock, Peter (Author at Dorling Kindersley Publishing, Inc.), author.
Wild sea creatures : sharks, whales, and dolphins!
Kratt, Martin, author.
Wild reptiles : snakes, crocodiles, lizards, and turtles!
Kratt, Martin, author.
Rocket science
Lock, Deborah, author.
The Berenstain Bears and the ducklings
Berenstain, Mike, 1951- author, illustrator.
Space justice
King, Trey, author.
Louise loves bake sales
Driscoll, Laura, author.
Batgirl, on the case!
Marsham, Liz, author.
Sally Ride
Anderson, AnnMarie, author.
Jasper & Joop
Dunrea, Olivier, author, illustrator.
Alien mix-up
Forte, Lauren, adapter.
Bunga the wise
Behling, Steve.
How I saved my summer vacation
Higginson, Sheila Sweeny, 1966- adapter.
Wild predators
Kratt, Martin, author.
Basic wilderness survival skills
Angier, Bradford, author.
The natural home : simple, pure cleaning solutions and recipes for a healthy house
Louet, Isabelle, author.
Mommies are amazing
Costain, Meredith, author.
Patterson, James, 1947- author.
Latin America : issues and considerations for the United States
Symbols and myths of medicine : staff of Asclepius, staff of Hermes/Mercury (caduceus)
Martin, Jerry W.
A short history of Spanish literature
Stamm, James R., author.
Xamissa : the water archives
Rossouw, Henk, author.
A brief biography of my name
Kamara, Yalie, author.
Acts of crucifixion
Nomu, Kechi, author.
Daughter tongue
James, Omotara, author.
Chatti, Leila, author.
Inside the flower room
Dzukogi, Saddiq M., author.
The origin of butterflies
Oriogun, Romeo, author.
The art poems
Holiday, Amanda Bintu, author.
No home in this land
Malik, Rasaq, author.
Najaer, Umniya, author.
Clay plates : broken records of Kiswahili proverbs
Teyie, Alexis, author.
Biblia para exploradores. Nuevo Testamento
Duel to the death : an Ali Reynolds novel
Jance, Judith A., author.
After Anna
Scottoline, Lisa, author.
Heads of the colored people : stories
Thompson-Spires, Nafissa, author.
Sweet vengeance
Michaels, Fern, author.
The map of salt and stars
Joukhadar, Jennifer Zeynab, author.
Look for me : a novel
Gardner, Lisa, author.
The other lady vanishes
Quick, Amanda, author.
The light we lost
Santopolo, Jill, author.
Best laid plans
Jackson, Brenda (Brenda Streater), author.
Beneath the surface
Blackburn, Lynn Huggins, author.
Seducing Abby Rhodes
Mason, J. D., author.
Oath of honor
Eason, Lynette, author.
The devil's reward
De Villepin, Emmanuelle, 1959- author.
Kiss my casserole! : 100 mouthwatering recipes inspired by ovens around the world
Southworth, Howie, author.
The complete slow cooker : from appetizers to desserts-400 must-have recipes that cook while you play (or work)
Stepping Stones: Steps from shackles to freedom
Dawkins, Virginia.
Bugging out
Kloepfer, John, author.
For the love of the South : recipes and stories from my Southern kitchen
Wilson, Amber, author.
The complication
Young, Suzanne, author.
Starry eyes
Bennett, Jenn, author.
My first swim class
Capucilli, Alyssa Satin, 1957- author.
The pirate ghost
Dixon, Franklin W., author.
Team players
Lupica, Mike, author.
Lulu is getting a sister : (who wants her? who needs her?)
Viorst, Judith, author.
Quincy : the chameleon who couldn't blend in
DiLorenzo, Barbara, author.
Biscuit and the big parade!
Capucilli, Alyssa Satin, 1957- author.
What mommies like
Carey Nevin, Judy, author.
Sometimes you fly
Applegate, Katherine, author.
People don't bite people
Wheeler, Lisa, 1963- author.
I got it!
Wiesner, David, author, illustrator.
Brian the lion goes into space
Radford, Tracey, author.
Pancakes in pajamas
Asch, Frank, author, illustrator.
Strega Nona's magic ring
DePaola, Tomie, 1934- author, illustrator.
Vegan 100 : over 100 incredible recipes from avant-garde vegan
Oakley, Gaz, author.
This will be my undoing : living at the intersection of black, female, and feminist in (white) America
Jerkins, Morgan, author.
American princess : the love story of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry
Carroll, Leslie, 1959- author.
Not here
Nguyen, Hieu Minh, author.
Shrewed : a wry and closely observed look at the lives of women and girls : essays
Renzetti, Elizabeth, author.
The very worst missionary : a memoir or whatever
Wright, Jamie, author.
The book of highs : 255 ways to alter your consciousness without drugs
Rosenfeld, Edward, author.
Michael Symon's playing with fire : BBQ and more from the grill, smoker, and fireplace
Symon, Michael, 1969- author.
The diabetes code : prevent and reverse type 2 diabetes naturally
Fung, Jason, author.
The oracle year : a novel
Soule, Charles, author.
Welcome to Moonlight Harbor
Roberts, Sheila, 1951-
Dead girl running
Dodd, Christina, author.
The red tent
Diamant, Anita.
Real magic : ancient wisdom, modern science, and a guide to the secret power of the universe
Radin, Dean I., author.
Her last word
Burton, Mary (Mary T.), author.
The eyes of the dragon : a story
King, Stephen, 1947-
I bring sorrow : and other stories of transgression
Abbott, Patricia (Patti), author.
The sun and her flowers
Kaur, Rupi, author, illustrator.
Between earth and sky
Skenandore, Amanda, author.
Wild justice : a medieval mystery
Royal, Priscilla, author.
A breath after drowning
Blanchard, Alice, author.
The view from flyover country : dispatches from the forgotten America
Kendzior, Sarah, author.
I found you : a novel
Jewell, Lisa, author.
Teacher : two years in the Mississippi Delta
Copperman, Michael, author.
Photographic : the life of Graciela Iturbide
Quintero, Isabel, author.
Quest for the city of gold
Patterson, James, 1947- author.
Sometimes I lie
Feeney, Alice, author.
A higher loyalty : truth, lies, and leadership
Comey, James B., Jr., 1960- author.
Love and ruin : a novel
McLain, Paula, author.
Winter sisters
Oliveira, Robin, author.
My first year as a princess
Upton, Rachael, author.
Mama Loves You So
Pierce, Terry, author.
Screen-free fun : 400 activities for the whole family
Philpott-Sanders, Shannon, author.
The Southern skillet cookbook : over 100 recipes to make comfort food in your cast-iron.
Peterson field guide to moths of southeastern North America
Leckie, Seabrooke, author.
Charlie Brown : classic Peanuts strips
Schulz, Charles M. (Charles Monroe), 1922-2000.
Feist, Raymond E.
Come the spring
Garwood, Julie.
Storming the heavens : African Americans and the early fight for the right to fly
Horne, Gerald, author.
Full figured : Carl Weber presents
Northrop Frye on Shakespeare
Frye, Northrop, 1912-1991.
S is for Southern : a Guide to the South, from Absinthe to Zydeco
DiBenedetto, David, author.
Fifty places to run before you die : running experts share the world's greatest destinations
Santella, Chris, author.
Into the storm : two ships, a deadly hurricane, and an epic battle for survival
Korten, Tristram, author.
Cooking for hormone balance : a proven, practical program with over 125 easy, delicious recipes to boost energy and mood, lower inflammation, gain strength, and restore a healthy weight
Wszelaki, Magdalena, author.
The sun does shine : how I found life and freedom on death row
Hinton, Anthony Ray, author.
I've been thinking ... : reflections, prayers, and meditations for a meaningful life
Shriver, Maria, author.
Living a life you love : embracing the adventure of being led by the Holy Spirit
Meyer, Joyce, 1943- author.
The rock, the road, and the rabbi : my journey into the heart of scriptural faith and the land where it all began
Gifford, Kathie Lee, 1953- author.
And now we have everything : on motherhood before I was ready
O'Connell, Meaghan, author.
The good news about bad behavior : why kids are less disciplined than ever--and what to do about it
Lewis, Katherine Reynolds, author.
Southern Living 2017 annual recipes : an entire year of recipes!
Meghan : a Hollywood princess
Morton, Andrew, 1953- author.
Lady in red : an intimate portrait of Nancy Reagan
Tate, Sheila, 1942- author.
Hunting El Chapo : the inside story of the American lawman who captured the world's most-wanted drug lord
Hogan, Andrew (DEA agent), author.
A spy in Canaan : how the FBI used a famous photographer to infiltrate the civil rights movement
Perrusquia, Marc, author.
The heavens might crack : the death and legacy of Martin Luther King Jr.
Sokol, Jason, author.
Reconstruction : voices from America's first great struggle for racial equality
Sam & Ilsa's last hurrah
Cohn, Rachel, author.
You go first
Kelly, Erin Entrada, author.
Where the creek runs
Abraham, Mary.
Truck full of ducks
Burach, Ross, author, illustrator.
I walk with Vanessa : a story about a simple act of kindness
Kerascoët, author, illustrator.
A dog with nice ears : featuring Charlie and Lola
Child, Lauren, author, illustrator.
Goldfish on vacation
Lloyd-Jones, Sally, 1960- author.
Misunderstood Shark : starring Shark!
Dyckman, Ame, author.
Back to the future
Alabama spitfire : the story of Harper Lee and To Kill a Mockingbird
Hegedus, Bethany, author.
Friends stick together
Harrison, Hannah E., author, illustrator.
The best mother
Surrisi, Cynthia, author.
Zoogie boogie fever! : an animal dance book
Rim, Sujean, author, illustrator.
The 17th suspect
Patterson, James, 1947- author.
Bunny built
Slack, Michael H., 1969- author, illustrator.
Alphabet boats
Vamos, Samantha R., author.
Pip & pup
Yelchin, Eugene, author.
Sleep train
London, Jonathan, 1947- author.
The day Dad joined my soccer team
Fergus, Maureen, author.
I really want to see you, Grandma
Gomi, Tarō, author, illustrator.
Don't blink!
Rosenthal, Amy Krouse.
Scoop the ice cream truck
Keeler, Patricia A., author, illustrator.
Ball, Nate, author.
Box meets Circle
Hartline, Aaron, author, illustrator.
The Gumazing Gum Girl! 3, Popped star
Montijo, Rhode, author, illustrator.
Jeter, Derek, 1974- author.
Breeze's blast
Bliss, Emily, author.
Ghost boys
Rhodes, Jewell Parker, author.
Trouble never sleeps
Tromly, Stephanie, author.
River of fire
Hunter, Erin, author.
The reckless rescue
Kress, Adrienne, author.
The boy who went magic
Winter, A. P., author.
More with less : whole food cooking made irresistibly simple
Moreno, Jodi, author.
Sweet Laurel : recipes for whole food, grain-free desserts
Gallucci, Laurel, author.
Levon and Kennedy : Mississippi Innocence Project
Armand, Isabelle, photographer.
Vintage signs of America
Seltzer, Debra Jane, author.
Star Wars encyclopedia of starfighters and other vehicles
Walker, Landry Q. (Landry Quinn), author.
The confidence code for girls : taking risks, messing up, & becoming your amazingly imperfect, totally powerful self.
Kay, Katty.
Stuck in the stone age
Rodkey, Geoff, 1970- author.
Just grin and bear it! : wisdom from Bear Country
Berenstain, Mike, 1951- author, illustrator.
Good night, Mississippi
Gamble, Adam, author.
Stay close to mama
Buzzeo, Toni, author.
Big Foot and Little Foot
Potter, Ellen, 1963- author.
How to sell your family to the aliens
Noth, Paul, author.
With my daddy : a book of love and family
Witek, Jo, 1968- author.
The brother book
Parr, Todd, author, illustrator.
The sister book
Parr, Todd, author, illustrator.
Maker lab outdoors : 25 super cool projects : build, invent, create, discover
Challoner, Jack, author.
What's weird on Earth.