New Books

Y : the last man. Book three
Vaughan, Brian K., author.
Y, the last man. Book four
Vaughan, Brian K., author.
Y, the last man. Book two
Vaughan, Brian K, author.
Secret invasion
Bendis, Brian Michael, author.
Y, the last man. Book five
Vaughan, Brian K., author.
Fry bread : a Native American family story
Maillard, Kevin Noble, author.
Lullaby & Good Night
Garland, Sally Anne, illustrator.
Fairies are real!
Hatam, Holly, author, illustrator.
L is for love : a heartfelt alphabet
Paprocki, Greg, author, illustrator.
Mary had a little lamb : let's learn our colors!
Jarvis, 1985- author, illustrator.
This little piggy : let's count from 1 to 10!
Jarvis, 1985- author, artist.
Perkins, Chloe, author.
Snow White
Perkins, Chloe, author.
Perkins, Chloe, author.
The little mermaid
Eliot, Hannah, author.
Twinkle, twinkle, fairy friend
Burton, Jeffrey, author.
The princess and the pea
Perkins, Chloe, author.
Twinkle, twinkle dinosaur
Burton, Jeffrey, author.
Good night fairies
Gamble, Adam, author.
Good night unicorns
Gamble, Adam, author.
Good night baby dragons
Gamble, Adam, author.
Sea life
Ryan, Jo, author.
Magical creatures
Chapman, Aimée, author.
In the jungle
Schofield, Jayne, author, artist.
Schofield, Jayne, author, illustrator.
Under the ocean
Schofield, Jayne, author, artist.
Schofield, Jayne, author, illustrator.
Dog man : fetch-22
Pilkey, Dav, 1966- author, artist.
Captain Underpants and the terrifying return of Tippy Tinkletrousers : the ninth epic novel
Pilkey, Dav, 1966- author.
Fairytale Frankie and the mermaid escapade
Gormley, Greg, author.
Molly of Denali. Little dog lost
Zaslove, Mark, author.
Molly of Denali : party moose
Waugh, Kathy, author.
Mythical beasts
Mills, Andrea, author.
LEGO minifigure mayhem
Davies, Beth, author.
Rappy and his favorite things
Gutman, Dan, author.
Buller, Laura, 1952- author.
Buller, Laura, 1952- author.
Good morning, Farmer Carmen!
Manushkin, Fran, author.
Katie's vet loves pets
Manushkin, Fran, author.
Open wide, Katie!
Manushkin, Fran, author.
The best baker
Manushkin, Fran, author.
Persephone & the giant flowers
Holub, Joan, author.
Our principal is a wolf!
Calmenson, Stephanie, author.
Our principal's in his underwear!
Calmenson, Stephanie, author.
Our principal breaks a spell!
Calmenson, Stephanie, author.
Trail trouble
Maddox, Jake, author.
Attack of the deadly diapers
Atwood, Megan, author.
Athena & the magic land
Holub, Joan, author.
Bug Brigade
Manning, Matthew K., author.
Obstacle challenge
Maddox, Jake, author.
The Story Tree
Percival, Tom, 1977- author, illustrator.
The great troll rescue
Percival, Tom, 1977- author, illustrator.
The genie's curse
Percival, Tom, 1977- author.
The spell thief
Percival, Tom, 1977- author.
Head in the clouds
Hanlon, Abby, author, illustrator.
The dork knight
Hinuss, Roy L., author.
Happily ever laughter
Hinuss, Roy L., author.
Toad you so!
Hinuss, Roy L., author.
Her royal slyness
Hinuss, Roy L., author.
First class
Mae, Jamie, author.
The missing pot of gold
Mae, Jamie, author.
The candy cane culprit
Mae, Jamie, author.
On the Lost Coast
Thorpe, Kiki, author.
Beyond Never Land
Thorpe, Kiki, author.
Through the dark forest
Thorpe, Kiki, author.
The decent inn of death
Airth, Rennie, 1935- author.
Enlightenment of the greengage tree
Azar, Shokoofeh, author.
Tonight we bombed the U.S. Capitol : the explosive story of M19, America's first female terrorist group
Rosenau, William, author.
Designing and painting murals
Myatt, Gary, author.
Dear Edward : a novel
Napolitano, Ann, author.
Lost hills
Goldberg, Lee, 1962- author.
In the shadow of Vesuvius
Alexander, Tasha, 1969- author.
Wilson, Shawn (Novelist), author.
A collective bargain : unions, organizing, and the fight for democracy
McAlevey, Jane, author.
Pratikraman : the key that resolves all conflicts
Patel, A. M. (Ambalal Muljibhai), 1908-1988, author.
Aptavani 1
Patel, A. M. (Ambalal Muljibhai), 1908-1988, author.
Money : the world of money according to Gnani Purush Dadashri
Bhagwan, Dada, author.
Patel, A. M. (Ambalal Muljibhai), 1908-1988, author.
The science of Karma
Patel, A. M. (Ambalal Muljibhai), 1908-1988, author.
Johansen, Iris, author.
Simple and Effective Science for Self-Realization : Living With Harmony
Patel, A. M. (Ambalal Muljibhai), 1908-1988, author.
Woods, Stuart, author.
Long bright river
Moore, Liz, 1983- author.
How quickly she disappears
Fleischmann, Raymond, author.
The tenant
Engberg, Katrine, 1975- author.
Patterson, James, 1947- author.
Start by believing : Larry Nassar's crimes, the institutions that enabled him, and the brave women who stopped a monster
Barr, John (Sportswriter), author.
The end of the ocean : a novel
Lunde, Maja, author.
Big lies in a small town
Chamberlain, Diane, 1950- author.
The missing American
Quartey, Kwei, author.
We wish you luck : a novel
Zancan, Caroline, author.
Moral compass : a novel
Steel, Danielle, author.
Wilmington's lie : the murderous coup of 1898 and the rise of white supremacy
Zucchino, David, author.
Lady Clementine
Benedict, Marie, author.
Dark truths
Cross, A. J. (Forensic psychologist), author.
Rayburn, James, 1960- author.
From Jim Crow to CEO : the Willie E. Artis story
Artis, Willie E.
Sidewalk saint
DePoy, Phillip, author.
The river murders
Patterson, James, 1947- author.
ProQuest statistical abstract of the United States 2020
ProQuest (Firm)
Jacob's room to choose
Hoffman, Sarah, author.
Wrightslaw : from emotions to advocacy : the special education survival guide
Wright, Peter W. D.
You were there too
Oakley, Colleen, author.
CBD : a patient's guide to medicinal cannabis
Leinow, Leonard, author.
You've been volunteered : a class mom novel
Gelman, Laurie, author.
Otter : what pet is best?
Garton, Sam, author, illustrator.
Ask me no questions
Noble, Shelley, author.
Harrod-Eagles, Cynthia, author.
The body on the train
Brody, Frances, author.
The hocus girl : a Simon Westow mystery
Nickson, Chris, author.
And dangerous to know
Wilde, Darcie, author.
Dear Evan Hansen : the novel
Emmich, Val, author.
Nothing to see here
Wilson, Kevin, 1978- author.
Music macabre
Rayne, Sarah, author.
Galway girl : a Jack Taylor novel
Bruen, Ken, author.
Recipe for a perfect wife : a novel
Brown, Karma, author.
City of pearl
Clare, Alys, author.
The rifleman
North, Oliver, author.
Pity the reader : on writing with style
Vonnegut, Kurt, author.
On swift horses
Pufahl, Shannon, author.
Volume control : hearing in a deafening world
Owen, David, 1955- author.
Literacy for the 21st century : a balanced approach
Tompkins, Gail E., author.
Elementary and middle school mathematics : teaching developmentally
Van de Walle, John A., author.
Ninth house
Bardugo, Leigh, author.
Cemetery Beach
Ellis, Warren, author.
When silence sings : a novel
Thomas, Sarah Loudin, author.
Memories of glass : a novel
Dobson, Melanie, author.
The library book
Orlean, Susan, author.
When I close my eyes
Musser, Elizabeth, author.
The mistletoe murder : and other stories / P.D. James.
James, P. D., author.
Nancy : a comic collection
Jaimes, Olivia, author, artist.
Creative cookie decorating : buttercream frosting designs and tips for every occasion
Hutchinson, Emily, author.
Medical billing & coding for dummies
Smiley, Karen, author.
Southern women : more than 100 stories of innovators, artists, and icons
Heckert, Amanda
Tasty every day : all of the flavor, none of the fuss.
iPhone for dummies
Baig, Edward C., author.
Troy Aikman
Hill, Clarence, Jr, author.
The complete baking book for young chefs
Batman, the killing joke
Moore, Alan, 1953- writer.
Busted in New York and other essays
Pinckney, Darryl, 1953- author.
A long time comin' : a novel
Pearson, Robin W., author.
Murder in Rat Alley : a Sam Blackman mystery
De Castrique, Mark, author.
Charlie & Mouse even better
Snyder, Laurel, author.
The glittering hour
Grey, Iona, author.
A vs X, Avengers vs X-Men
Aaron, Jason, author.
The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. Vol. 1, 1898
Moore, Alan, 1953-
X-Men milestones. Dark Phoenix saga
Claremont, Chris, 1950- author.
House of M
Bendis, Brian Michael, author.
Doom Patrol. Vol. 1, Brick by brick
Way, Gerard, author.
Crisis on infinite Earths
Wolfman, Marv.
Days of future past
Claremont, Chris, 1950-
Infinity Gauntlet
Starlin, Jim, author.
Secret wars
Shooter, Jim.
Superman for all seasons
Loeb, Jeph, writer.
Infinite crisis
Johns, Geoff, 1973- author.
Johns, Geoff, 1973- author.
Knit shawls & wraps in 1 week : 30 quick patterns to keep you cozy in style
Greene, Marie (Marie E.), author.
The dating charade : a novel
Ferguson, Melissa, author.
CLEVER CROCHET SQUARES : artistic ways to create grannies and dramatic designs.
Meet me on Love Lane
Bocci, Nina, author.
The network : a novel
Constantine, Lynne, 1960- author.
Army of the Roman emperors
Fischer, Thomas, 1949- author.
Every nonprofit's tax guide : how to keep your tax-exempt status & avoid IRS problems
Fishman, Stephen, author.
J.K. Lasser's your income tax 2020
How to draw
Soloff-Levy, Barbara, author.
How to draw people
Soloff-Levy, Barbara.
Making YouTube videos
Willoughby, Nick, 1981- author.
American Girl holiday baking
Dr. Ernest Drake's dragonology : the complete book of dragons
Drake, Ernest.