New Books

Girl in the rearview mirror : a novel
Dimberg, Kelsey Rae, author.
Flash count diary : menopause and the vindication of natural life
Steinke, Darcey, author.
The burning chambers
Mosse, Kate, 1961- author.
The cutting room : a novel
Dyer, Ashley, author.
Pan de Sal saves the day : a Filipino children's story
Olizon-Chikiamco, Norma, author.
Betrayal at the Buffalo Ranch
Hoklotubbe, Sara Sue, 1952- author.
Trail of lightning
Roanhorse, Rebecca, author.
There there
Orange, Tommy, 1982- author.
Chasing secrets
Choldenko, Gennifer, 1957- author.
Chinese Cinderella : the true story of an unwanted daughter
Mah, Adeline Yen, 1937- author.
Conflict resolution for holy beings : poems
Harjo, Joy, author.
The unforgotten coat
Cottrell Boyce, Frank.
No more No Name
Tingle, Tim, author.
Sisters of Summer's End
Foster, Lori, 1958- author.
The summer of Sunshine & Margot
Mallery, Susan, author.
One giant leap : the impossible mission that flew us to the Moon
Fishman, Charles, 1961- author.
Tom Clancy Enemy contact
Maden, Mike, author.
Dead wrong : the continuing story of city of lies, corruption and cover-up in the Notorious B.I.G. murder investigation
Sullivan, Randall, author.
The farmer's bride
Fuller, Kathleen, author.
Mrs. Everything : a novel
Weiner, Jennifer, author.
Siege : Trump under fire
Wolff, Michael, 1953- author.
Cece loves science and adventure
Derting, Kimberly, author.
I am not a fish!
Raymundo, Peter, author, illustrator.
Moon! : Earth's best friend
McAnulty, Stacy, author.
Groundbreaking guys : 40 men who became great by doing good
Peters, Stephanie True, 1965- author.
The pout-pout fish cleans up the ocean
Diesen, Deborah, author.
Pinky got out!
Portis, Michael, author.
Dumpster Dog
Gutman, Colas, 1972- author.
A box of bones
Cohen, Marina, 1967- author.
Briar and Rose and Jack
Coville, Katherine, author.
Masters of mischief
Russell, Rachel Renée, author.
Silver Batal and the water dragon races
Halbrook, Kristin, author.
Blood relations
Moore, Jonathan, 1977- author.
I [heart] my llamacorn
McLean, Danielle, author.
Joy from fear : create the life of your dreams by making fear your friend
Manly, Carla Marie, author
Jojo's bizarre adventure. Part I, Phantom blood, 03
Araki, Hirohiko, 1960- author, illustrator.
The outside child
Warren, Tiffany L., author.
Tales from a not-so-secret crush catastrophe
Russell, Rachel Renée, author.
His woman, his wife, his widow
Jones, Janice.
Nichols, Nikita Lynnette.
Travel with purpose : a field guide to voluntourism
Blumenfeld, Jeff, author.
Can't make this stuff up! : finding the upside to life's downs
Lewis, Susannah B., 1981- author.
Tate, Kimberly Cash.
The old man in the corner
Orczy, Emmuska Orczy, Baroness, 1865-1947, author.
The overstory : a novel
Powers, Richard, 1957- author.
Summer hours : a novel
Doan, Amy Mason, author.
Go see the principal : true tales from the school trenches
Brooks, Gerry (School principal), author.
Pulling profit$ out of a hat : adding zeros to your company isn't magic
Sugars, Bradley J., author.
Dead man's mistress
Housewright, David, 1955- author.
Free to focus : a total productivity system to achieve more by doing less
Hyatt, Michael S., author.
The sun on my head : stories
Martins, Geovani, 1991- author.
Lessons from Lucy : the simple joys of an old, happy dog
Barry, Dave, author.
People, power, and profits : progressive capitalism for an age of discontent
Stiglitz, Joseph E., author.
The cruise control diet : automate your diet and conquer weight loss forever
Cruise, Jorge, author.
The hill to die on : the battle for Congress and the future of Trump's America
Sherman, Jake S., 1985- author.
Assassin of shadows : a novel
Goldstone, Lawrence, 1947- author.
Dark site
Lee, Patrick, 1976- author.
Grace will lead us home : the Charleston Church Massacre and the hard, inspiring journey to forgiveness
Hawes, Jennifer (Jennifer Berry), author.
Crushing : It Is Not the End!.
Jakes, T. D.
Working : researching, interviewing, writing
Caro, Robert A., author.
Smokin' Joe : the life of Joe Frazier
Kram, Mark, Jr., author.
The book supremacy : a Bibliophile mystery
Carlisle, Kate, 1951- author.
Cribsheet : a data-driven guide to better, more relaxed parenting, from birth to preschool
Oster, Emily, author.
The right sort of man
Montclair, Allison, author.
The storm on our shores : one island, two soldiers, and the forgotten battle of World War II
Obmascik, Mark, author.
My dearest Dietrich : a novel of Dietrich Bonhoeffer's lost love
Barratt, Amanda, author.
Honestly, we meant well
Ginder, Grant, author.
The lost letters of William Woolf : a novel
Cullen, Helen, author.
Unfreedom of the press
Levin, Mark R. (Mark Reed), 1957- author.
Wolfpack : how to come together, unleash our power, and change the game
Wambach, Abby, 1980- author.
The star in the Christmas play
Lynne Marie, author.
Porcupine's pie
Renauld, Laura, author.
Hal and the new kid
Carr, Elias, author.
When Charley met Emma
Webb, Amy, 1977- author.
Owen and Eleanor make things up
Bouwman, H. M., author.
Owen and Eleanor meet the new kid
Bouwman, H. M., author.
The hive
Card, Orson Scott, author.
The oracle
Cussler, Clive, author.
NCLEX-PN prep plus 2019
Irwin, Barbara J., author.
NCLEX-RN® prep plus. 2019 : 2 practice tests + proven strategies + online + video
Irwin, Barbara J., author.
SAT total prep 2020.
Encyclopedia of gardening techniques
Starting a business all-in-one for dummies
Allen, Kathleen R.
Grow in the dark : how to choose and care for low-light houseplants
Steinkopf, Lisa Eldred, 1966- author.
Growing your own tea garden : the guide to growing and harvesting flavorful teas in your backyard
Helmer, Jodi, author.
The spies of Shilling Lane : a novel
Ryan, Jennifer (Jennifer L.), author.
One for the Money: The First Stephanie Plum Novel.
Evanovich, Janet.
Wherever you go
Peterson, Tracie, author.
Their little secret
Billingham, Mark, author.
The never game
Deaver, Jeffery, author.
Best self : be you, only better
Bayer, Mike, author.
Krentz, Jayne Ann, author.
The Loch Ness papers
Shelton, Paige, author.
Dutch girl : Audrey Hepburn and World War II
Matzen, Robert D., author.
Coy, Eve, author, illustrator.
America's national parks
Ward, Alexa, author.
Pie in the sky
Lai, Remy, author, artist.
Moon landing
McDonald, Jill (Jill McDonald-Gomez), author, illustrator.
Up jumped the devil : the real life of Robert Johnson
Conforth, Bruce M., 1950- author.
Woodstock : an inside look at the movie that shook up the world and defined a generation
Bell, Dale, 1938- author.
Patterson, James, 1947- author.
My life as a rat : a novel
Oates, Joyce Carol, 1938- author.
Skin game
Woods, Stuart, author.
Whiskers in the dark : a Mrs. Murphy mystery
Brown, Rita Mae, author.
In West Mills : a novel
Winslow, De'Shawn Charles, author.
The electric hotel
Smith, Dominic, 1971- author.
Throw me to the wolves
McGuinness, Patrick, author.
The Plaza : the secret life of America's most famous hotel
Satow, Julie, author.
Sexual trafficking and modern-day slavery
Meyer, Terry Teague, author.
Unhappy birthday, Grumpy Cat!
Berrios, Frank, author.
A Shazam showdown
West, Alexandra, author.
Bunny will not smile!
Tharp, Jason, author, illustrator.
Tillworth, Mary, author.
Rocket the brave!
Hills, Tad, author, illustrator.
Mama, is it summer yet?
McClure, Nikki, author.
Hissy's big day
Miller, Sara (Sara F.), author.
Too many carrots
Hudson, Katy, author, illustrator.
What daddies like
Carey Nevin, Judy, author.
Daddies are awesome
Costain, Meredith, author.
Busy boats
Mitton, Tony, author.
I love Dad
Walsh, Joanna, author.
Tough trucks
Mitton, Tony, author.
Mountain chef : how one man lost his groceries, changed his plans, and helped cook up the National Park Service
Pimentel, Annette Bay, author.
Me and my grandpa!
Ritchie, Alison, author.
The big, angry roar
Lambert, Jonathan, author, illustrator.
The big beyond : the story of space travel
Carter, James, 1959- author.
I'm not grumpy!
Smallman, Steve, author.
What does bunny see? : a book of colors and flowers
Park, Linda Sue, author.
I like my car
Robertson, Michael, 1957- author, illustrator.
Monsters go night-night
Zenz, Aaron, author, illustrator.
Oddrey joins the team
Whamond, Dave, author, illustrator.
Katie and the haunted museum
Manushkin, Fran, author.
Flower girl Katie
Manushkin, Fran, author.
A dragon in the castle?
Brody, Jessica, author.
Stef Soto, taco queen
Torres, Jennifer, 1980- author.
Tiana's best surprise
Roehl, Tessa, author.
The dragon crown
Stilton, Geronimo, author.
Unidentified suburban object
Jung, Mike, author.
Attack of the plants
Anderson, AnnMarie, author.
I love you, Michael Collins
Baratz-Logsted, Lauren, author.
Rain reign
Martin, Ann M., 1955- author.
UFO spotted!
Lysiak, Hilde, 2006- author.
Chill of the ice dragon
West, Tracey, 1965- author.
Bear on the loose!
Lysiak, Hilde, 2006- author.
Take us to your sugar
Roth, Jonathan, author.
Bad Kitty. Camp Daze
Bruel, Nick, author, illustrator.
Too much space!
Roth, Jonathan, author, illustrator.
Castle, Jennifer, author.
The stars beneath our feet
Moore, David Barclay, author.
Eva and Baby Mo
Elliott, Rebecca, author.
Mr. Will needs to chill!
Gutman, Dan, author.
Eva and the lost pony
Elliott, Rebecca, author, illustrator.
Ms. Hall is a goofball!
Gutman, Dan, author.
Clayton Byrd goes underground
Williams-Garcia, Rita, author.
Train I ride
Mosier, Paul, author.
Funny girl : funniest. stories. ever.
If she wakes
Koryta, Michael, author.
Hamlet and cheese
McDonald, Megan, author.
The summoning
Graham, Heather, author.
Queen bee : a novel
Frank, Dorothea Benton, author.
The sentence is death : a novel
Horowitz, Anthony, 1955- author.
The other half of happy
Balcarcel, Rebecca, author.
Jojo's bizarre adventure. Part 1, Phantom blood
Araki, Hirohiko, 1960-
Kimi ni todoke = From me to you. Vol. 1
Shiina, Karuho.
Delilah's daughters : a novel
Benson, Angela, author.
The preacher's wifey
Washington, DiShan.
What kind of car does a T. Rex drive?
Lee, Mark, 1950- author.
The important thing about Margaret Wise Brown
Barnett, Mac, author.
If animals went to school
Paul, Ann Whitford, author.
Jasper & Ollie
Willan, Alex, author, illustrator.
Bright burning stars
Small, A. K., author.
The little fish that got away
Cook, Bernadine, author.
Stephen Curry
Wetzel, Dan, author.
Alex Morgan
Wetzel, Dan, author.
The queen's secret : a Rose legacy novel
George, Jessica Day, 1976- author.
Happily and madly
Bass, Alexis, author.
Eiffel's tower : the story of the 1889 World's Fair for young people
Stefoff, Rebecca, 1951- author.
Let me hear a rhyme
Jackson, Tiffany D., author.
If she wakes
Koryta, Michael, author.
A daughter's truth
Bradford, Laura, author.
The Queen : the forgotten life behind an American myth
Levin, Josh, author.
The five : the untold lives of the women killed by Jack the Ripper
Rubenhold, Hallie, author.
Summer by the tides
Hunter, Denise, 1968- author.
Storey's guide to training horses : ground work, driving, riding
Thomas, Heather Smith, 1944- author.
Aging backwards : fast track : 6 ways in 30 days to look and feel younger
Esmonde-White, Miranda, author.
Life to the extreme : how a chaotic kid became America's favorite carpenter
Pennington, Ty, 1965-
The power source : the hidden key to ignite your core, empower your body, release stress, and realign your life
Roxburgh, Lauren, author.
To tame a wild cowboy
Wilde, Lori, author.
Forever and ever, amen : a memoir of music, faith, and braving the storms of life
Travis, Randy, author.
The confessions of Frannie Langton : a novel
Collins, Sara, author.
Keep you close : a novel
Cleveland, Karen, author.
Wild horses of the summer sun : a memoir of Iceland
Bilski, Tory, author.
Sunset Beach
Andrews, Mary Kay, 1954- author.
Ronan Boyle and the bridge of riddles
Lennon, Thomas.
Miura, Kentarō, author, artist.
The next right thing : a simple, soulful practice for making life decisions
Freeman, Emily P., 1977- author.
The replacement wife
Warren, Tiffany L.
The legendary Harry Caray : baseball's greatest salesman
Zminda, Don, author.
The book woman of Troublesome Creek : a novel
Richardson, Kim Michele, author.
From red earth : a Rwandan story of healing and forgiveness
Uwimana, Denise, author.
A rogue by night
Bowen, Kelly (Romance fiction writer), author.
Louise's crossing
Shaber, Sarah R., author.
Commander in cheat : how golf explains Trump
Reilly, Rick, author.
The Tubman command : a novel
Cobbs Hoffman, Elizabeth, author.
The impeachers : the of trial of Andrew Johnson and the dream of a just nation
Wineapple, Brenda, author.
The royal secret : a novel
Riley, Lucinda, author.
Biloxi : a novel
Miller, Mary, 1977- author.
Prairie fever : a novel
Parker, Michael, 1959- author.
The Stiehl assassin
Brooks, Terry, author.
Elevated : the global rise of the N.B.A.
The universe speaks in numbers : how modern math reveals nature's deepest secrets
Farmelo, Graham, author.
The godless
Doherty, P. C., author.
It's a Christmas thing
Dailey, Janet, author.
Stay sexy & don't get murdered : the definitive how-to guide
Kilgariff, Karen, author.